Certificate III in Rural Operations

AHC32816 - Certificate III in Rural Operations

Welcome to the  Certificate III in Rural Operations. Your course is made up of 16 units of competency. 

Things you should know

Your Theory Assessments

Your theory assessments for each unit are available within each Unit assessment module

You should only attempt an assessment once you have studied your learner guide, interacted with your trainer and you have been advised by your Civil Safety trainer/assessor that you are ready to undertake the theory assessment for that unit. You must complete the assessment in one sitting. If you close your assessment without completing it you will have to resit the entire assessment again. Seek advice and guidance from your Civil Safety trainer/assessor before starting your assessment.

Assessment Instructions

Complete ALL the required details at the beginning of your assessment (Full Name, Email, Trainer, Date,  Location). Failure to provide all information correctly will render your assessment incomplete.

Your assessment can take anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours to complete, depending on your skills, knowledge and understanding of the subject.

If you are deemed satisfactory in your assessment you will be sent a copy of your results. You will need to produce this copy (which will automatically be emailed to you) to your trainer/assess so that you can move on to your practical or portfolio assessment.

If you are deemed not yet satisfactory you will be redirected back to your course page where you will be given a ‘second chance’ to complete any question/s that were incorrect.

REMEMBER - 1300 CIVIL S is your Hotline to your trainer, Civil Safety and Student Services