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CPCCCM3003 Work safely around electrical sources, services and assets

Enrol in this refresher course by clicking the button below.When you have enrolled and paid for your course (PayPal or credit card) you will be sent a link and a password so that you can start your course immediately. 


This refresher assessment does not have a practical component. If you are interested in doing the full course please contact Civil Safety on 1300 CIVIL S or  email student.services@civilsafety.edu.au.

This refresher may take between 1.5 hours and 3 hours to complete the refresher assessment depending on your current  knowledge of the subject matter.

The refresher assessment component of this unit is delivered in the online mode. 

When you start your online studies you will find a learner guide in your resources folder. You are encouraged to read this prior to starting your assessment.

Your refresher assessment must be completed in one sitting. If you close your assessment prior to completion you will have to start again. You cannot pick up from where you left off.

If you complete your assessment successfully you will receive a copy of your results by email and a new SoA will be posted to your nominated address. If you do not complete your assessment successfully you can download a second attempt word document from your resources folder in the top lef-hand courner of your results page. You will then need to complete a ‘SECOND ATTEMPT’  of your assessment.

Only attempt to correctly answer the questions that you failed in your first attempt. You do not have to complete all the questions – only the questions that you did not answer  correctly in your first attempt. It is important that you email your SECOND  ATTEMPT to the correct email address so that your assessment attempt can be matched and verified as complete – assessment.desk@civilsafety.edu.au.