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FWPCOT2236 - Fall trees manually (basic)

This unit of competency describes the outcomes required to assess and manually fall small trees with a low level of complexity and to complete operator maintenance.

Basic trees typical to the scope of this unit may include the following characteristics:

·          lean and distribution of the crown weight does not create a complex situation to assess or fell

·          small dimensions relative to local forest size distribution

·          no excessive lean

·          no visible damage or defect

·          species that are not prone to free splitting and adverse reactions during felling

·          single stem or non-complex multi-stems

·          diameter of tree is less than chainsaw bar length

·          grown on terrain and slope that does not add significant complexity to the operation


The unit applies to those in a forest, agricultural, local council, emergencies services and other government agency environment.  With the exception of minor forest produce, it is not relevant to commercial harvesting operations.

No occupational licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

This assessment is the theory component (only) of the FWPCOT2236 Fall trees manually (basic)  unit of competency.

Depending on your existing skills and knowledge, this unit may take up to a 2 days to deliver in a face-to-face classroom environment. It can take between 1 hour and 3 hours to complete the theory assessment depending on your skills and knowledge of the subject matter.

The purpose of this course is to develop and assess the  skills and knowledge of new and existing workers in:

Preparing for felling

Assessing tree and plan felling

Applying  tree felling techniques

Maintaining equipment

This unit is delivered by Civil Safety, either by online or face-to-face mode. The theory assessment component of this unit is delivered in the online mode. The practical assessment component is delivered face-to-face at a Civil Safety High Risk Training Facility or at an agreed location that has the physical resources for assessment of this unit.


Your assessment must be completed in one sitting. If you close your assessment prior to completion you will have to start again. You cannot pick up from where you left off.

If you complete your assessment successfully you will receive a copy of your results by email. If you do not complete your assessment successfully you will be redirected back to this page. You will then need to complete a ‘SECOND ATTEMPT’  at your assessment.

If you are redirected back to this page after you have completed your assessment, download the SECOND  ATTEMPT using the link below and correctly answer the questions that you failed in your first attempt. You do not have to complete all the questions – only the questions that you did not answer  correctly in your first attempt. It is important that you email your SECOND  ATTEMPT to the correct email address so that your assessment attempt can be matched and verified as complete.