G2 Risk Facilitator

RIIRIS402D - Carry out the risk management process

Full Course

The  RIIRIS402D Carry out the Risk Management Processes course (known widely as the G2 Risk Facilitator course) covers the skills and knowledge required to Carry out the Risk Management Processes in the Coal and Metalliferous mining industries. This full course is a statutory requirement according to mining legislation for certain occupational categories as deemed by  Mining Safety & Health Advisory Committees which must be refreshed every five years.

This course delivers the theory and practical components of RIIRIS402D Carry out the risk management process. – Complete this training 100% online.

Depending on your existing skills and knowledge, this course can be completed within one day.

  • The course includes up-to-date knowledge on current regulations and legislation, including skills ability:

    • Determining the risk management process
    • Indentifying hazards
    • Assessing risk
    • Identifying unacceptable risk and potential actions
    • Deciding on, implementing or facilitating of actions
    • Reviewing the implementation of action
    • Auditing the risk management process; and
    • Completing records and reports.