RIIWHS204E - work safely at heights

This refresher course provides individuals who have previously completed the equivalent course,  with the ability to refresh their knowledge and skills 100% online.

This Refresher Course  has been developed  to meet Industry Standards which recommend retraining every two years. 

As this course is 100% online, you  can work through the course content and refresh your knowledge self paced, at anytime! 

This unit refreshes the skills and knowledge required to work safely at heights in the resources and infrastructure industries.

It applies to those working in operational roles. They generally work under supervision to undertake a prescribed range of functions involving known routines and procedures and take responsibility for the quality of work outcomes.

Licensing, legislative and certification requirements that apply to this unit can vary between states, territories and industry sectors. Users must check requirements with relevant body before applying the unit.

To qualify for this Refresher Course, students are required to provide a notarised copy of their existing equivalent ‘Work Safely at Heights’ qualification/ statement of attainment. 

If the student does not meet the refresher course requirements, and therefore is required to complete the ‘full course’,  an additional assessment fee of $80 will apply for the  practical training and assessment component (delivered at a Civil Safety Training Centre).

This refresher course can usually be completed in under 4 hours; the timeframe is dependent upon the individual students existing skills and knowledge.  

This course includes the following content: 

1. Identify work requirements

2. Identify work procedures and instructions

3. Access and install equipment

4. Perform work at heights

5. Clean up work area