TLIF2080 - Safely Access the Rail Corridor

This course is delivered 100% online; work through the course content self-paced at anytime that suits you ! 

This course provides participants with the knowledge, training and skills to effectively work safely in and around the rail corridor. Previously known as the Rail Industry Safety Induction (RISI).

This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to enter the rail corridor.

It includes taking appropriate safety precautions to:

  • access the danger zone
  • access the rail corridor
  • respond appropriately in an emergency.

People achieving competence in this unit will need to fulfil the applicable state/territory legislated rail safety requirements and to comply with relevant codes of practice, rules and/or guidelines.

This unit involves the application of Rail Infrastructure Manager rules, procedures and protocols for rail safety.

This unit applies to all people accessing the rail corridor.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

There are no pre requisites for this course

Depending on your existing skills and knowledge, The TLIF2080B Safely access the rail corridor course should take between 1 – 2 days to study and complete. 

This course includes the following content: 

Take appropriate safety precautions to access the rail corridor


Authority to enter the rail corridor is obtained from Protection Officer/Possession Protection Officer


Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn conforming to Rail Infrastructure Manager requirements


Hazards are identified, risks are assessed and control measures are implemented


Rail corridor is entered and a visual assessment is maintained to monitor and respond appropriately to potential risks

Take appropriate safety precautions to access the danger zone 


Direction of approaching trains and maximum speed is recognised


Safe place is identified


Types of warning provided are recognised and confirmed


Changed local conditions are identified, impact on safety is determined and safety precautions are modified as required


Communications with other personnel are maintained in accordance with workplace procedures


Unsafe situations and/or emergencies are identified and appropriate action is taken in accordance with workplace procedures

Take appropriate action in an emergency 


Emergencies and potential emergencies are identified


Range of appropriate responses for specific emergencies are outlined


‘Emergency’ or ‘danger’ response signal is given as required



The TLIF2080 Safely access the rail corridor is available online Australia-wide


All-inclusive cost of the TLIF2080 Safely access the rail corridor is $160, payable by PayPal or credit card at the point of enrolment